LinkVirginia — Branding / Non-Profit Client

This pitch was chosen for production by the First Lady of Virginia and her team.


The state of Virginia has 1,000,000 food-insecure citizens, even while its leading industry is agriculture. 

Dorothy McAuliffe, the First Lady of Virginia, asked us to create an online portal to address this issue, then spread awareness to increase its user base. An existing organization provided all the data, contacts, and information we needed, but it lacked an identity or effective platform.

LinkVirginia was built to put nutrition within reach for all Virginians.


We chose the word link because it directly ties to the first lady's goal of bridging the nutritional divide. LinkVirginia can also be easily shortened to LinkVA without losing any meaning.

The tagline Nutrition Within Reach clearly states the organization's goal.



We believe that food is a powerful unifier: It brings individuals together into communities. A shared meal nourishes much more than just our bodies — good food nurtures a healthy future for all of us.

Unfortunately, 1 in 8 Virginians do not have reliable access to affordable, nutritious food.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between those with food and those without. To provide all Virginians with the opportunity to enjoy healthy meals. To strengthen our state through nutrition.



We identified three categories (or "buckets") of people who can help to bridge the nutritional divide:

  • Providers are restaurants, farmers, and gardeners who have extra food to give.
  • Spaces are places like churches and community centers who have room to store and distribute food.
  • Volunteers are willing to give their time to help distribute food to those in need.

The web portal must clearly provide each of them with the information they need to contribute.


Instagram taps into Virginia's already-booming food culture, putting LinkVirginia in front of those who are most likely to volunteer.

Social media won't be enough to reach everyone, so we also created mailers for farmers. These tout a crucial tax credit incentive.


We also wanted to spread the word about LinkVirginia through people and restaurants who volunteer time and food. These decals would be posted on the windows of participating providers.



Finally, we created merchandise to be sold online and at local farmers markets. These serve as advertisements and a source of donations.

Each piece was designed with one of our categories in mind: Hats for farmers, decals for spaces, bags and bumper stickers for volunteers. The point of sale at farmer's markets will also feature iPads to allow quick access to LinkVirginia's website.