European Wax Center — Digital & Activation

It costs more to be a woman.
It’s called the Pink Tax, and women pay an extra $1,351 per year because of it.

We helped EWC Ax the Pink Tax.


We added as many sharables as possible, including a calculator that shows how much the Pink Tax has stolen from you. (Spoiler alert: It’s a metric ass-ton of money.)



The Pink Tax inflates everyday costs by an average of 7%.

To drive awareness, we designed an ATM that gives that 7% back to women and placed it at major women’s conferences across the country. (Still in Production)

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More Money.

More Attention.

Women using the ATM will receive 7% more than they asked for, with a receipt and envelope that explain why. We’re just doing our part to beat the Pink Tax at its own game.


Gotta provide some ready-made Instagram posts, right?

With Erynn Mattera (ACD), Evelynne Scholnick (SCW), and Beth Hughes (AD)