European Wax Center — Digital & Activation

Women’s products cost 7% more, on average, than the exact same thing for men.

It’s called the Pink Tax and it suuuuucks.

We helped EWC educate and motivate women to Ax the Pink Tax.

We built in as many sharables as possible, including a calculator that shows how much the Pink Tax has stolen from you.

(Spoiler alert: It’s a metric ass-ton of money.)

To drive awareness, we designed an ATM that gives that 7% back to women and placed it at major women’s conferences across the country. (Still in Production)

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More Money.

More Attention.

Women using the ATM will receive 7% more than they asked for, with a receipt and envelope that explain why. We’re just doing our part to beat the Pink Tax at its own game.

With Erynn Mattera (ACD), Evelynne Scholnick (SCW), and Beth Hughes (AD)