Stihl Chainsaws — Campaign

Stihl chainsaws have a reputation for being powerful.

It's a reputation so strong that even trees fear the power of Stihl Chainsaws.





Orange tape is used to mark trees that will be cut down. This tape is even more terrifying because it bears the Stihl logo.


Roaring Death by R.L. Stihl: 
A collection of scary stories for saplings, printed on paper made from dead trees. Fear must be instilled at a young age.

The Trimming

Nestled in the sleepy foothills of Appalachia lies the beautiful Mercer Mansion. The house can’t be seen from any public road, as it’s hidden behind a tall stone wall and an even taller iron gate. Once past those obstacles, however, an incredible view awaits. Visitors meander along a winding driveway and enjoy the beautiful scenery provided by twin rows of blooming dogwood trees.

The trees take pride in being the first thing that a guest sees upon visiting. Their full effort is dedicated to creating the pristine white flowers that adorn their branches. The blooms gleam in the sunshine and shimmer in the rain, making every spring day a beautiful one.

But as this year’s spring approaches, a terrifying change will threaten the trees. The owners of Mercer Mansion will notice that the trees have grown a bit too much. They’re too tall, too lanky, and their branches reach too close to the cars of visitors. Only one thing can be done — a trimming.

One morning this week the gardeners will appear with Stihl pruners and chainsaws in hand. It will not be a slaughter, but a mutilation. The trees will lose limbs and branches in a flurry of roaring cuts, leaving them disfigured, marred, and altogether changed from their previous shapes.

The dogwoods will continue to adorn the mansion's entrance, but they will never be the same again.


The Bonfire

The sun slowly fell as crickets began to chirp. On this particular summer day a group of people had been milling about, lounging in hammocks under the shade of tall oak trees. The trees enjoyed providing shade — they received bountiful sunlight and protected the humans from the sun’s rays, which are harmful to people.

The humans also benefitted from this trade. The full heat of summertime was unable to beat down on them while they played in the great outdoors. They could watch the woodland creatures scurry among the trees while a gentle breeze cooled the shady areas even more. It all added up to a perfect day.

The sun’s evening retirement changed this equation, however, by taking away all the warmth that filled the air. Suddenly the temperature began to drop, sending a shiver through the humans who were not dressed for this cooler weather. Without warning the trees, they began to scavenge.

They found discarded branches and twigs that the trees had dropped on the ground to become part of the soil. The humans started a fire with them, and its flames cast a terrifying red light all around. For a tree, it's horrible to watch someone take pieces of you and turn them into something that could destroy the entire forest.

The fire kept the humans warm and the forest terrified, but nothing could make the trees quake like these words that echoed in the night: “Soon, it’ll be time to cut firewood for the winter. Some of these oaks look nice. Maybe I’ll come back with my Stihl.”


The Clearing

Another autumn rippled through the air. The vibrant leaves of the maple trees marked time, as they had for countless years, by cycling through yellows, oranges, reds, and purples. The trees enjoyed the attention they received for this show. Every time this season arrived, the little humans would emerge from their home at the treeline and smile at the foliage. This year, however, something was different in their manner.

The people’s gestures didn’t seem admiring, and their words didn’t vibrate with the usual reverence. Though it was strange, the trees didn’t worry. Humans are tiny and fleeting, and the trees believed them to be harmless. Under usual circumstances, of course, they are. Unfortunately, the orange case that appeared behind the house marked this particular autumn as anything but usual.

You see, the humans had made plans to enjoy the sunshine more. Trees also love the sun, of course, but people somehow need to enjoy its rays by water. The trees soon realized that this meant a swimming pool was coming and, with it, a clearing.

When the orange case was opened, it revealed the gleaming chain of a Stihl saw. Within minutes, the its roar could be heard over the crackling sounds of falling timber. The trees watched in terror as their kin were felled left and right to create an oasis of horror.

Today the carnage has finished, but the pool still taunts the trees from below. Its undrinkable blue water only serves as a reminder of a great death. The trees can only watch in sadness and dirty the pool with their falling leaves.